Celebrated Actor, Director, and Producer Jonathan Sagall is the latest cast member to join the Act With Purpose Team.

Jonathan is a Canadian born Israeli actor known for his work on Schindler’s List, New York Undercover, Lemon Popsicle and of course his own productions, Lipstikka and Urban Feel.
Jonathan will be workshopping his latest screenplay, with 14 students ages 17 and above right here in the Act With Purpose Studio. Each actor will prepare scenes and receive direction and blocking from Jonathan. Performances will be reviewed on the spot via monitors and feedback and redirection given to each actor.
Still not convinced? There will be a film crew capturing your work with Mr. Sagall and all footage will be released to the actors for their personal use and promotional purposes.
This is a truly wonderful opportunity to work with a celebrated creative powerhouse and have the edited footage for your casting profiles. This is the first workshop Jonathan has offered and we are honoured it will be hosted by Act With Purpose, Inc.