Lizzie started her acting story with John when she was 10, as she prepared for a talent showcase. Through John’s coaching she gained confidence and a strong respect for what it is to be professional for auditions and on set. John made certain any young actor under his wing appreciated the importance of timeliness and preparedness, ensuring each prepared a clean and concise resume following industry standards, and that each behaved with grace and respect in the audition waiting and reading room. Not only has John proven to be a strong mentor but also a loyal friend to Lizzie as well as many of his other students. John is disciplined, kind, fun and an absolute gem to work with.

Lizzie film credits:

Currently filming the lead in a Lifetime movie of the week “Dirty Little Secret” with Melissa Joan Hart
(Recently completed filming the lead, Jade, in a movie of the week “Deadly Secrets”)
lead “Annie Stonewall” in movie of the week, “V.C. Andrews’ Gates of Paradise”, with Jason Priestly
Firefly Lane – Marnie Stevens

DeadShack – Summer, lead

Photo credits:  Jenna Berman:  @jennabermanphoto on Instagram