About Ahmed Alexander

Ahmed is a Toronto based theater, television and film actor. Growing up just outside the city he was homeschool from the third grade till graduating secondary school. During these formative years is where he developed a love for film and story, as well as where threw himself into his passion that would become the backbone of his special skills as an actor. He spent his adolescent years becoming an accomplished archer, fencer and equestrian. Coupled with a background in martial arts, he carries over a driving sentiment that acting is something you do with your body, not your brain. Prior to stepping in front of the camera, Ahmed spent ten years working in live production with a number of acts and performers in Toronto. Initially as a stage hand then later stage managing and eventually writing and producing for one man shows and variety acts. Tethered to his belief in the healing nature of art and the creative process, Ahmed is constantly training in an attempt to fine tune his instrument, deepen his understanding of the craft and by virtue his understanding of himself.